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There are lots of facilities within the Sunshine Fiesta community to keep residents here engaged and active in their lifestyles.


One of the outstanding amenities is the clubhouse. Compared to what the locality offers, the Sunshine Fiesta clubhouse is certainly one of the best in the area having been designed and developed by IRC Properties, this clubhouse undoubtedly brings out the craftmanship of this experienced and reputable property development company.

The clubhouse brings so many things together including a fitness center complete with an aerobics area to help you regain the balance should you feel that your life is out of sync. You don’t have to be an expert in aerobics, you can actually start practicing with friends on weekends and slowly master the workouts.

In the clubhouse, there is also a gym to help you do your daily grind without shelling out costly membership fees. The equipment in the gym is sufficient to give you a descent workout. To add to this, the clubhouse gives you a spacious hall which can accommodate huge gatherings. This is an ideal place to hold your meetings instead of being holed up in your townhouse.

The Entrance Gate and Perimeter Wall

Security is a top priority at Sunshine Fiesta. This is why IRC Properties has gone to the extent of installation a very high perimeter wall to act as the boundary clearly demarcating the confines of the development as well as bar any malicious attempts to enter the development unauthorized. The perimeter wall is manned 24/7 by professional guards to give you that extra layer of protection. As you approach the entrance gate, you can’t help, but admire the majestic façade that welcomes you into this serene property.

Landscaped Gardens and Pocket Parks

If you want to take your kids for an afternoon walk, you don’t have to drive out of Sunshine Fiesta, but instead you can have your sweet family times right here. The lush mini-gardens will give you such a beautiful and homely atmosphere to interact and bond with your family. Your children can play around and enjoy some of the recreational facilities around as they make friends.

The gardens are maintained by IRC Properties and this assures you that the area is always clean and healthy for your family to live and grow in. Thanks to the elaborate drive and walkways around Sunshine Fiesta, school buses can easily drive in and out as they pick and drop students. From your balcony, you can easily see who is coming in and who is going out which means peace of mind knowing that your child has been picked and dropped from school.

The ample parking areas around the development eliminates the hassling and scrambling for parking space as witnessed in some developments of this magnitude. IRC Properties planned this really well and you can testify when you make your first visit.

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